Release Notes for DHF 4.3.2

Base URI Required for Entities

In previous versions, the base URI property of entities was optional, as it still is in Entity Services.

Now, Data Hub validates the base URI property of entities and makes the property required. It must be in the format

To add the base URI property to existing entity definitions,

  • you can edit the entity in QuickStart, or
  • you can manually edit the entity definition file in your-project-root/entities to add the baseUri property.
      "info" : {
        "title" : "MyEntity",
        "version" : "0.0.1",
        "baseUri" : ""
      "definitions" : {

Important: If your application uses multiple entity definitions, you must provide a valid base URI in every entity definition used. Otherwise, deploying your application will fail when the entity definitions are loaded into MarkLogic.

Tip: Use the same base URI for related entities.

Compliance with Entity Services Format

Manually created or modified entity definitions must now comply with the required format as defined in the Entity Services documentation, except that Base URI is required by Data Hub.

Requires MarkLogic Server 9.0-7

Data Hub Framework 4.3.2 requires MarkLogic Server 9.0-7 up to the latest 9.x version.

NOTE: Data Hub Framework 4.3.2 is not compatible with MarkLogic Server 10.x. If you prefer to use MarkLogic Server 10.x, you must upgrade to Data Hub 5.x.

  • Made necessary changes in 4.3.2 to make it work with 9.0-10+ ML server.
  • Upgraded to ml-gradle 3.16.0.
  • Upgraded to Java API Client 4.2.0.

Release Notes for DHF 4.3.1

Bug fixes.

Release Notes for DHF 4.3.0

Added Support for XQuery Namespaces

To align better with Entity Services, DHF now supports XQuery namespaces. For more information on namespaces, see Understanding XML Namespaces in XQuery.

Replaced Security Roles

For easier integration with other MarkLogic services, DHF 4.3 uses new security roles.

The old security roles hub-admin-role and data-hub-role are now replaced with the following new roles:

  • Data Hub Admin (data-hub-admin)
  • Flow Developer (flow-developer)
  • Flow Operator (flow-operator)

For more information on these roles, see Security Roles.

To update your data hub to use these new roles, see Upgrading to DHF 4.3.x.

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