DHF QuickStart

DHF QuickStart is a visual development tool that you can run locally to set up a working data hub in minutes. The tool is implemented as a standalone Java application and distributed as a web application archive (.war) file.

QuickStart runs its own internal web server on port 8080. It can run on any computer that can access a MarkLogic Server instance via HTTP.

This is the recommended tool for users who are new to DHF.

To use DHF QuickStart,

  1. Download the latest quick-start-*.war file and place it your project root directory.
  2. Run the downloaded file. Example:
     java -jar quick-start-4.3.2.war
  3. Create a project using QuickStart or browse to an existing project’s root directory.
  4. Ingest your data using QuickStart.
  5. Harmonize your data using QuickStart.

You can also:

QuickStart is intended for the development environment only. For production, use the DHF Gradle Plugin or the DHF Java Library.

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