Data Hub Framework

What is an Operational Data Hub?

A Data Hub is a consolidated repository of data that breaks down data silos. The Operational Data Hub pattern is a particular way of building Data Hubs, which allows for faster, more agile data integration into a single Hub. Because it is Operational, an Operational Data Hub allows real-time, interactive access to data. This means that shared services can be run off the Data Hub in addition to analytic reports.

Put simply, an Operational Data Hub is a silo-busting approach that focuses on agility and allows an enterprise to “run the business” by providing real-time RESTful services, as well as supporting “see the business” through analytics, reporting and downstream data exports.

By grouping all the data about an entity into one consolidated record (with context and history) a Data Hub provides a 360° view of data, across silos.

What is the Data Hub Framework?

The MarkLogic Data Hub Framework (or DHF) is a set of tools and libraries that help you build an Operational Data Hub on top of the most current maintenance release of MarkLogic Server version 9. Version 3.x of DHF requires MarkLogic Server 9.0-5 or later.

To use MarkLogic Server version 10, you must upgrade to Data Hub 5.0.

Why do I need the DHF?

Here’s what the DHF can do for you:

  • Accelerate the process of building a data hub on top of MarkLogic.
  • Ensure best practices are followed when building data hubs with MarkLogic.
  • Integrate and harmonize your data at scale.
  • Help you become familiar with MarkLogic.

The DHF does this by both running key operations itself, and also generating code scaffolding that organizes and jump-starts development. Industrial strength DevOps processes are also included to set up a fully automated build from the start.

How Do I get Started?

  1. If you are new to MarkLogic start here. 10 minutes
  2. Read through the Understanding DHF links on the left to get up to speed on the high level concepts. 30 minutes
  3. Work through the Tutorial to get your hands on the tool. 2 hours

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