Harmonize Using the Gradle Plugin

Creating Entities

Entities are the high-level business objects in your enterprise. They can be things like Employee, Product, Purchase Order, Department, etc. With DHF, you have a choice between using abstract entities or Entity Services.

To create an entity, you simply issue this gradle command:

./gradlew hubCreateEntity -PentityName=MyAwesomeEntity
gradlew.bat hubCreateEntity -PentityName=MyAwesomeEntity

The command creates an entity file ($project-dir/plugins/entities/MyAwesomeEntity/MyAwesomeEntity.entity.json), which you can modify to add properties as needed.

Creating a Harmonize Flow

./gradlew hubCreateHarmonizeFlow -PentityName=MyAwesomeEntity -PflowName=MyHarmonizeFlow
gradlew.bat hubCreateHarmonizeFlow -PentityName=MyAwesomeEntity -PflowName=MyHarmonizeFlow

Running your Harmonize Flow

./gradlew hubRunFlow -PentityName=MyAwesomeEntity -PflowName=MyHarmonizeFlow -PflowType=harmonize
gradlew.bat hubRunFlow -PentityName=MyAwesomeEntity -PflowName=MyHarmonizeFlow -PflowType=harmonize