REST Extensions

The core of DHF runs on MarkLogic. This code is exposed to clients as REST API extensions, which include both transforms and service extensions. These extensions work identically to other REST API Extensions except that they are provided out-of-the-box for DHF use.

The list of extensions comprising DHF are as follows:

  • Transforms
Extension name Implementing module name
ml:extractContent get-content
ml:inputFlow run-flow
ml:sjsInputFlow run-sjs-flow
ml:jobSearchResults job-search
ml:traceSearchResults trace-search
ml:traceUISearchResults trace-json
ml:prettifyXML prettify
  • Service extensions
Extension name Implementing module name
ml:dbConfigs db-configs
ml:debug debug
ml:deleteJobs delete-jobs
ml:entity entity
ml:flow flow
ml:sjsFlow sjsflow
ml:hubstats hubstats
ml:hubversion hubversion
ml:piiGenerator pii-generator
ml:scaffoldContent scaffold-content
ml:searchOptionsGenerator search-options-generator
ml:tracing tracing
ml:validate validate