Apache NiFi FAQs

Apache NiFi FAQs

MarkLogic NiFi Connector FAQs

What version of the MarkLogic NiFi Connector should I use?

We use a version pattern that mimics the version of NiFi that a MarkLogic NiFi Connector is built against. If you are using NiFi 1.7.1, you should use the latest 1.7.1.x NiFi connector. If you are using NiFi 1.8.0, you should use the latest 1.8.0.x NiFi connector.

As far as the NiFi API compatibility between versions allows, the latest <NiFi Version>.x NiFi bundles will have a common code-base and functionality.

I’ve encountered an issue. How do I resolve it?

First, be sure to look over the “Error Resolutions” page to find common solutions. If the issue remains unsolved, you can open an issue in the GitHub issue tracker.

What version of MarkLogic do I need?

The MarkLogic NiFi connector requires MarkLogic 9. See the MarkLogic Java API Guide for additional details on required software.

What is supported?

All components of the NiFi connector - the controller services and processors - are supported by MarkLogic.