QuickStart Tutorial for DHF 4.x


In this tutorial, you will set up a simple data hub containing harmonized online shopping data.

Imagine you work for a company that sells board games and board game accessories. You have three sets of data that must be harmonized so that an application can access them easily:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Orders Your task is to create a data hub on MarkLogic Server using these datasets.

This tutorial uses QuickStart, an easy-to-use development tool that you can run locally to set up a working data hub quickly.

You will perform the following in QuickStart:

  1. Load each raw dataset.
  2. Harmonize each dataset in different ways:
    • Product using mappings
    • Order using code
    • Customer with secured personally identifiable information
  3. Serve the data to downstream clients.
Will this tutorial overwrite an existing data hub?
No, this tutorial creates separate databases and application servers. However, if the default DHF ports (8010, 8011, 8012, 8013) are already in use, you will be warned about the conflicts and then prompted to change them. Other settings will be preserved.
Can I delete the data hub created by this tutorial?
Yes. See the Clean Up section in Takeaways.



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