Release Notes for DHF 4.2.x

Data Hub Framework 4.2 is now more aligned with Entity Services.

The alignment with Entity Services provides the following benefits:

  • Improved compatibility between Data Hub and Entity Services regarding nested entities and 1-to-many relationships among entities.

  • Automatic generation and installation of a template-driven extraction (TDE) template in the final SCHEMAS database (data-hub-final-SCHEMAS). See the TDE documentation.

Demo of the TDE template generation

ml-gradle is upgraded and the new `hubDeployUserArtifacts` task is added.
  • ml-gradle in DHF has been upgraded to version 3.12.

  • The new DHF Gradle task hubDeployUserArtifacts is added. It installs user artifacts (such as entities and mappings) to the MarkLogic server. See Gradle Tasks in DHF for the list of tasks you can use.

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